The Storm Within (Sword Art Online, gén, angl)

The Storm Within (Sword Art Online, gén, angl)


Auteur : Shipoopy
Fandom : Sword Art Online
Connaissance du fandom : il semblerait.
Genre : what if.
Rating : T.
État : en cours.
Personnages : Asuna.

The Storm Within, 17 chapitres, 86 000 mots, en cours.
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Résumé : Always doing as she’s told, Asuna Yuuki has followed everything her mother has taught her. Although beautiful, poise, polite and intelligent, Asuna still has trouble adjusting to a world she doesn’t feel she belongs in, that is, until she steps into the infamous virtual reality world, Aincrad, and experiences what it’s like to fit in.

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