When it counts (Dragon Ball Z ; Het ; Ang)

When it counts (Dragon Ball Z ; Het ; Ang)

Couple / fiction centrée sur : Bulma / Vegeta, Trunks

When it counts

Auteur : Ti_ana / Adli
Genre(s) : scène manquante
Rating : T
État : one shot
Connaissance du fandom : Conseillée à Indispensable
Spoliers : fin du manga (sans l’épilogue)

Résumé : Buu has been defeated and the Earth is safe once again. But the thought of Vegeta killing those people at the Tournament is still nagging at the back of Bulma’s mind. How are she and Vegeta going to deal with what he did?

Avis :Une scène manquante et une conversation à mes yeux bien nécessaire entre Bulma et Vegeta qui conclut leur épique get together de près de dix ans ! Personnages bien gérés, réflexions pertinentes et dialogues qui sonnent justes. En somme, un court texte qui fait mouche.

Extrait :

Bulma watched her husband silently, taking in his words, trying to understand him. She knew she shouldn’t take it personally, but a big part of her couldn’t help being offended at the thought that Vegeta considered the family they had built together a liability. All these years, she had thought their relationship and the birth of her son had changed him for the better and all along, he thought he had changed for the worst.

With all her strength, she pushed back the hurt within and tried to view the situation from his perspective. She had known when they began their relationship that he had a troubled past. Neither of them had intended their liaison to last more than a few months. He had never made a secret of his desire to defeat his rival—her best friend—and return to space. It was only the circumstances of that time that had convinced him to stay and raise a family. Wouldn’t it be natural for him to question his decision? She only wished he’d openly spoken to her about it before, but she couldn’t say it was shocking that he hadn’t.

À ma connaissance, il n’existe pas de traduction française de ce texte.
(Si vous aimez cette fic, plutôt que de le dire ici, dites-le à l’auteur !)


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