Making the best of it (Avengers, yaoi/slash, angl)

Making the best of it (Avengers, yaoi/slash, angl)

Persos/Couple : Clint/Coulson.

Titre : Making the best of it.

Auteur : dentalfloss.
Fandom : Avengers.
Statut : Terminée.
Nombre de mots : 33000.
Rating : M surtout pour la violence, et encore.
Langue : Anglaise.
Genre : Étude de personnage, tranche de vie.

Résumé : Comment Coulson a connu puis en est venu à apprécier, et enfin aimer Clint Barton. Oh et comment il est le nouveau Chuck Norris.

Avis : Pourquoi lire cette fic ?

Je ne répéterai pas les raisons pour lesquelles ce couple est merveilleux, mais ici ils sont grandioses.
D’un côté nous avons Clint, au premier abord plein d’humour et ouvert et vaniteux mais en-dessous nous avons le passé tragique qui vous amène à devenir mercenaire.
De l’autre nous avons Coulson le méga badass qui apprend à comprendre son agent, à l’apprécier, à le laisser se rapprocher lentement.
Ajoutez à ça les avengers et leur relation à notre archer, des blagues, du danger, la preuve que Coulson est le nouveau Chuck Norris et vous avez une fic juste parfaite.

« Maintain radio silence from here on out, » Phil ordered over his headset, ignoring the agent very discreetly checking out his ass behind him. She was twenty years his junior and days like these he wished Agent Romanov hadn’t convinced Fury that he needed a field suit to work with the Avengers.

« Yesssir, » Hawkeye immediately disregarded the order and Phil resisted rubbing his temple, « and might I just say how dapper you look this morning. I’m sure a few of us can agree that leather is your friend. » Phil did not point out that his field suit wasn’t made from leather, same as the rest of the Avengers. That would be impractical. It did get the agent behind him to stop checking him out though.

« Hawkeye, maintain silence, » Captain America didn’t sound too hopeful as he reiterated Phil’s words, most likely distracted by Stark yammering in his other ear through the private comm link they shared. The one Phil wasn’t supposed to know about. If this had been a real mission and not just a training exercise within SHIELD grounds he might have been annoyed. As it was he just wanted to get this over with so he could finish the pile of work on his desk and, barring any emergency, enjoy one of those mythical long weekends he’d heard so much about.

« There is no such thing as silence, » Hawkeye rebutted grandly, « the world is simply waiting for Phil Coulson to give it permission to speak. »

« Permission denied, » Phil deadpanned and, thankfully, the comms went silent. For a full three minutes. It was longer than he’d expected, Clint must have seen his lips twitch in amusement and felt generous. Maybe it would be a good morning after all.

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