Heroes (Life on Mars, slash, ang)

Heroes (Life on Mars, slash, ang)

Couple : Sam/Gene.

Titre : Heroes.

Auteur : Dorcas Gustine.
Fandom : Life on Mars (UK).
Statut : Deux parties, série finie.
Rating : Adult.
Langue : Anglais.
Genre : AU post 2×03, slash, enquête.
Nombre de mots : 34 621.

Résumé : Une enquête sur deux époques, le destin qui s’en mêle.

Pourquoi lire cette merveille ?

Dans ce fandom, c’est difficile de trouver des fics, notamment slash. Je l’ai beaucoup appréciée parce qu’elle reste dans le temps, elle renverse la donne. Ça fait plaisir !

Un extrait pour le plaisir :

Sam knew he was in a hospital, but he also knew for certain that he was still in ’73. He’d known as soon as he’d regained consciousness, the smell of cigarette smoke and Scotch was very telling.

“You shouldn’t smoke in here, Guv,” he said, his voice barely audible, even to his own ears.

“Head caved in, eyes not even opened and he’s still a pestering arsehole,” came the gruff reply, “You probably talk in your sleep, too.”

Sam opened his eyes and glared at him, or tried to, his head hurt too much, “I’m awake.”

Gene was sprawled on a chair, his feet propped up on the bed, a couple of buttons open on his shirt and his tie loosened. He had a flask in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Sam knew how much those chair were uncomfortable, but Gene looked like a man enjoining a quiet evening in front of the telly in his living room at home. He looked calm and relaxed, and not really impressed by Sam’s current condition.

“Bet you could, though.”


“Flap yer mouth even in yer sleep,” Gene said moving the fingers of his right hand as if to illustrate the point.

Fiche issue de : Rec Rec Rec.


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